Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

About WeFi

WeFi is a key innovator and a market leader in mobile broadband Smart Always Best Connected solutions and heterogeneous network management. WeFi offers a complete network of solutions that enable service providers and operators to make the best decisions for their user experience.

WeFi's agile solutions do more than simple data offloading, and offer a seamless solution for increased capacity, network congestion management, and improve coverage by using multichannel heterogeneous network (HetNet) dynamic priority & handover decision engine based on a unique patented algorithm.

Built on live data from over 170 million hotspots, the WeFi mobile app collects WiFi data from end users to help find and deliver the best network experience. The app seamlessly offloads users to the strongest wireless network available to ensure the fastest connection available. WeFi's end user app can be downloaded free in the Android app store, and also currently supports iOS, Windows and Symbian platforms.

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