Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

Let's build the Perfect Network

WeFi is not like other ‘device offload' companies. As our name implies - and as shown by our legion of dedicated users, largest map of reliable connectivity topology, and world-leading user experience products - we're all about the people.

Let's build the Perfect Network

Our customers are competing on the user experience front against disruptive players - and we help them.

We bring a sharper understanding of the end user to cable companies, carriers and content providers. We don't just traffic in ‘big data,' we localize and dimensionalize it. We show our customers the world through their end-users' eyes – often - in real time.

We help companies create efficiencies, saving millions of dollars, but always with the end-user experience in mind.

Building the perfect network is WeFi's mission. Over the past few years, we have cultivated a community comprised of millions of ‘connectivity reporters'; created world-leading tools that help analyze and deliver the fastest, most reliable network footprint; and partnered with the world's leading carriers, MSOs and content providers to assemble the network that we've all been waiting for. Join us, and together we can build the perfect network.

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