Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

Data Intelligence

WeANDSF solution relies on data analytics: information is collected by subscribers' terminals and processed at the data center. WeANDSF central database and data intelligence module serves as the WeANDSF knowledge management point, providing real traffic insight into subscriber service and network behavior, facilitating better connection decisions based upon collected and analyzed data.

The Data is gathered from WeANDSF clients, and undergoes Multi Dimensional Analysis:

  • Network Data: network type & operator, network quality grading, network classification and congested areas.
  • Performance Data: connectivity and usage.
  • User Experience Data: usage pattern of various devices: Smartphones (Android, iPhone etc.) Tablets, Netbooks, User preferences and User experience (UX) Information.

Additionally, WeFi boasts the world's largest ever-growing database of qualified Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile networks, which serves as a key ingredient in WeANDSF™ Solution.

Solution Benefits

  • Better decisions:
    • Better User Experience
    • Create more Connection Opportunities
    • Improve Connection Quality
    • Better Network Performance
    • Extend Battery Life
  • Efficient, high performance decision making process
  • 360° visibility into mobile broadband usage and performance over ALL networks used by ALL end-user devices

Wi-Fi Coverage

WeFi boasts the largest ever-growing database of potential Wi-Fi candidates, currently sporting over 100,000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over the globe.

The global Wi-Fi database is generated by crowd sourcing of millions of users around the world for since 2006 - WeFi has been analyzing and accumulation Wi-Fi data over the last years and managed to collect unique usage statistics and identify characteristics of wireless users worldwide.

The potential Wi-Fi candidates' database includes classification into private Wi-Fi networks (residential and business) and public Hotspots categorized to coffee shops, restaurants, airports, hotels and other public places. The database also stores information regarding converge area, network security, quality info and other factors which impact the connectivity decision process regarding each Wi-Fi candidate.

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