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WeANDSF™ Solution

WeANDSF (WeFi enhanced Access Network Discovery and Selection Function) is a Data Offloading/Onloading and Always Best Connected solution. WeANDSF is a comprehensive solution for Mobile Broadband in Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) environments, supporting Wi-Fi, LTE and all other prominent 2G/3G/4G cellular technologies.

WeANDSF provides optimal user experience vs. cost per bit for mobile broadband connectivity service providers, such as mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and cable TV multi service operators (MSOs). WeANDSF enables the service provider to maximize the utilization of all existing and potential resources – own network, other networks in roaming relationships and non-operator networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots at public venues, businesses, workplaces and home, saving high cost investments in CAPEX/OPEX.

The Service Providers' Challenge WeANDSF Provides
Indoor coverage / Reduced indoor performance Real time decisions when to utilize local Wi-Fi or Femto resources
Outdoor capacity in the network Utilizing owned / non-owned resources
Contiguous coverage 3G/4G/LTE Proactive management of end-user device radios to optimize battery usage and time
Visibility into user experience over non-owned resources 360° visibility into mobile broadband usage and performance over ALL networks used by ALL end user devices

WeANDSF provides the operator with a flexible centrally managed goal-driven policy control over network selection decisions. With WeANDSF the operator can effortlessly integrate multiple factors into a unified network decision process. Decision is based on weighted factors including real-time and historical network performance parameters and business relationships with networks operators (e.g. roaming agreements) for all networks in the user's location. Different business goals are easily translated into different network selection decisions where Service Providers set user groups – by rate plans or by business affiliation – and designate targeted policy for each group.

WeANDSF furnishes the operator with extensive KPI reporting capabilities including a "built-in automatic reports tool" as well as multi dimensional deep analysis tool.

To achieve best performance, WeANDSF utilizes a thin client and optimizes data exchange between server and client to ensure the best connectivity while minimizing battery drain.

WeANDSF is a carrier-grade state of the art, patented technology solution. The WeANDSF solution follows the 3GPP standards framework, enhancing the ANDSF standard.

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