Hundreds of Millions of Wi-Fi Hotspots and counting

WeANDSF™ Technology

WeANDSF primary objective is to facilitate operator’s control over mobile devices multi-mode connectivity capabilities. For example, WeANDSF can control when, where, and under what conditions and situations a mobile device shall use its Wi-Fi connectivity instead of its 3G/4G connectivity for data applications.

WeFi WeANDSF, an elegant, industry standard compatible solution that automatically connects devices to the best available network candidates.

WeANDSF solution is a State of the Art, patented technology solution that successfully facilitates information gathering and analysis (Data Intelligence), mobile users inputs (Crowd sourcing) and devices data usage, to further enhance a mobile operator’s business and technological planning capabilities.

The WeANDSF is a centrally-managed distributed solution providing the operator manageability over large quantities of clients yet the flexibility needed to make client specific best network selection in real-time. Each client performs real-time dynamic access network prioritization based on historical and real-time information, and when needed makes handover decisions.

WeANDSF™ Decision Engine

Decision process takes into account local conditions (e.g. signal strength), operator’s policy as well as performance history (based on measurements), making an optimized real-time client based decision for best Cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Operator Policy Control

WeANDSF furnishes the operator with an elaborated policy control tool via the WeANDSF management console, allowing the operator to define connectivity presence best suited for both business and operational needs.

User Experience

  • Connectivity
  • Connect Quality (throughput)
  • Battery Life

Cost Factors

  • Roaming (National/International)
  • Operator vs. User Wi-Fi
  • Business Agreement


  • Operator Services (e.g. VoIP, IMS)
  • Bandwidth Hogs (e.g. YouTube)
  • Connectivity (Over Wi-Fi/3G)


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